Arit Solutions Ltd is an Abuja-based firm of professionals, with qualifications and experience across a wide range of competencies.

We have professionals with competencies in such diverse fields as Insurance, Business Management, Finance, Information and Communication Technology, to mention a few.

Our experience hoard includes high-level work on Insurance, Corporate Strategy, Restructuring and Transformation, Policy Analysis, and Information Technology, among others.

We help organizations to solve issues, create value, maximize growth and improve business performance. We use our business skills to provide objective advice and expertise and help an organization to develop any specialist skills that it may be lacking.

Our role is to identify options for the organization and suggest recommendations for change, as well as advise on additional resources to implement solutions.

Types of work can include:

  • product design and development
  • business strategy
  • e-business
  • financial and management controls
  • human resources
  • information technology
  • supply chain management.

We offer end-to-end solutions to smaller or more niche firms that offer specialist expertise and skills in certain industry areas.

Our responsibilities include but not limited to:

  • carrying out research and data collection to understand the organization.
  • conducting analysis
  • interviewing the client’s employees, management team and other stakeholders
  • running focus groups and facilitating workshops.
  • preparing business proposals and presentations
  • identifying issues and forming hypotheses and solutions
  • presenting findings and recommendations to clients
  • implementing recommendations or solutions and ensuring the client receives the necessary assistance to carry it all out
  • managing projects and programs
  • leading and managing those within the team, including analysts

liaising with the client to keep them informed of progress and to make relevant decisions.

We are different in that we believe in results at affordable costs.  In Commerce and Business there is no one solution for everybody, thus studying and analyzing your requirements and tailoring solutions to your needs is our basic approach.  This helps organizations to have the right solutions and the right technology for gaining competitive advantage.

We have what it takes to help you in achieving your organizational strategies to compete effectively by utilizing modern management approach appropriately.

We have some basic products and core services we offer that are the cornerstone of our activities the summary of which is given below.

Our consulting services can help you in your project management, technology design/ implementation, information technology, and other consulting & ICT projects. For more information,

Products and services

  1. Consultancy and project Management (CPM)
  2. Management and Planning Information Technology (MAP IT)
  3. Enterprise Application Integration (EAI)
  4. Training 
  5. Web Design, Hosting, Content Development and Management (WEB)
  6. Networking Design and Implementation (NDI)
  7. Business Transformation (BT)
  8. Other services