We offer targeted consultancy on information and Communication Technology strategies of any organization. A clear assessment will be made of requirements, from where a well designed project or program will be drawn to achieve flawless and optimal computerization objectives.

This will involve supporting ICT users to achieve maximum value from their investments. We shall support users through an initial analysis of the Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) of their ICT investments.

Determining the TCO helps you mange resources more effectively, with enhanced utilization of your resources. When these are achieved we look at your ICT strategies and help in developing the best and the most cost-effective solution to your needs.

One of the fundamental issues in ICT today is the rapid change in technology that creates several gaps, which Arit solutions will assist in resolving for any organization. The gaps include:-

  1. Education-gap,
  2. A problem-solving gap
  3. Decision-making gap

Project will emanate from the above processes that we can handle to achieve targets and all requirements. We handle

We handle routine activities such as planning, communication and administration of the projects. More importantly we carry out Quality Assurance to ensure compliance to all planned activities for efficient utilizations of resources (time, money and efforts).

The Quality Assurance Service is an all-ecompassing process of professional reporting, control and communication that guarantees quality and implementation of the project.


TCO is a product that involves appraising and assessing IT-related costs, and it consists of methods, models and tools for assisting organization in the following areas:

  1. Measuring IT cost
  2. Managing IT costs
  3. Controlling IT costs
  4. Upgrading the value of IT investments

Why is TCO important?

Organization that have implemented TCO initiatives:

  1. Can control their IT costs
  2. Improve their service levels
  3. Improve client satisfaction

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Effective EAI is essential to governments and businesses as they implement package applications and establish networked relationships within and outside their enterprise at an increasing and rapid rate. The approach revolves around a set of tools and technologies that establish a robust messaging infrastructure between applications that need to share information. Arit Solutions’ EAI focus area concentrates on understanding the capabilities and appropriate use of today’s EAI tools and on forecasting how those tools will evolve in the future.


We review your processes and procedures and redesign them to achieve office automation. At the end of the day, after deign networks, databases, websites and the training, we will assist you in integrating all these to achieve easier and simpler office processes. The complex part of managing offices and information will be relegated to technology tools. Details of this can only be seen after a through system analysis has been conducted.


(Maximizing Your Return on Investment)

As technology evolution continues, organizations must find resources to keep up with changes, effectively assess which developments can provide real improvements. And understand how to capitalize on opportunities.

Arit Solutions helps business and government identify which new technologies will provide the highest return on investment, and then leverage those technologies to deploy new business capabilities.

Arit Solutions helps business and government identify which new technologies will provide the greatest business value, and then leverage those technologies for new capabilities


Supporting the new way of working we can help you to develop and /or buy new information and communication technology components and packages to provide the knowledge hub for your digital business. This includes infrastructure such as network components and servers, networking software and applications. We have specialists in sourcing equipment, negotiating with third party suppliers and project managing installations.


People are the key to business success. Accordingly we provide, as an essential part of our portfolio of services, a complementary range of training courses. All can be tailored to your individual needs ensuring maximum benefit for your organization and staff.

Depending on your level of technology usage, we can update you know-how  through an exclusive training program. Executive Training is handled in our in-house state-of –the-art facilities. The training covers many aspects of ICT at all levels. These will include:

  1. Computer Appreciation and Usage
  2. Microsoft Office Applications
  3. Information Technology Strategy and Policy
  4. Linking technology and business strategies for competitive advantage
  5. General Hands-on training on PC

Each of these courses is targeted to your actual needs and available resources in your organization. The training is not one off, but scheduled to be continuing as your requirements change or as technology changes. By the time you go through our training, usage of modern technology will be indispensable to you and the organization. You will be using technology and IT tools easily taking all the advantages.


Internet Services we offer include Web-site design, hosting and management. The internet aspect of ICT is the most talked about concept. Essentially it makes computers more useful as it is through internet that one can access varied information from anywhere in the world.

Several things are involved in this service:

  1. We assist you in setting up the infrastructure required for internet access.
  2. Assist you in the communication and physical linking of equipment.
  3. Develop and design your site
  4. Develop content and Databases and supports in managing these.
  5. Assist you in developing your internet.

This is not overlooking the need for our outlets and possible representative offices to have access to an internet website for the purpose of internal communication.

Arit Solution’s consultants have a wealth of experience developing applications and interfaces for the internet and corporate integrating seamlessly with existing back office systems, or offered as a complete solution, the finished project will be an asset to any business.

Web development is a broad area, covering many technologies in both hardware and software. It is also a fast moving area of IT, requiring forward thinking and knowledgeable individuals. This combination of skills, experience and acuteness is what Arit Solution’ IT look for in its web consultants. We also appreciate that being such a broad area; you can not expect any one individual to possess all the skill necessary to complete a web project. Therefore, our web consultants operate in teams, with complimentary skills and personalities. These teams can draw upon other skill gaps (i.e server support, security analysis).

Once the team is in place they will use cutting edge tools on the chosen platform and your website will quickly take shape with modular, scaleable software. Our consultants are also experienced with porting the applications to various client platforms and devices, including mobile and kiosk-type.

Together with our knowledge of networks and overall project management expertise, Arit Solutions’ can offer support across the complete web development process, from infrastructure design and implementation through application launch and support.


We handle all aspects of networking technology; from LAN, MAN and  WAN integrating different platforms of both hardware and software. We design and develop different network configurations as needed after assessing your networking requirements. We have experts in all area of networking technologies. Today’s PC network are complex collections of intergrate voice, data and video. Arit Solution’s consultants can provide every aspect of network services ranging from LAN/WAN network design and management to physical implementation and troubleshooting of existing networks.

We can provide consultants that support the full lifecycle of your network including business assessment, design and architecture, implementation, integration, operations and highly integrated enterprises, where information flow is fast and efficient.

In designing and optimizing your network we can align your technology strategies with your short-term and long-term business goals for profit and market advantage. And because we can also draw upon consultants skilled in network applications, you can be assured of a comprehensive, cohesive solution.

Arit Solution IT Consultants can offer the following network infrastructure and integration services:

  1. Enterprise System Management
  2. Web Hosting Infrastructure
  3. Network Infrastructure Engineering
  4. Network Administration and Maintenance
  5. Network and IT Planning
  6. Network Design and Architecture
  7. Network Development and Implementation
  8. Network Security
  9. Supply Chain Networks
  10. Voice Over Networks
  11. WAN/ Internet Connectivity
  12. Remote User Solutions

Our Network Solutions Professionals are trained in the primary network disciplines, including network engineering, systems, management and security. Many of our consultants are also accredited by the industry leaders (Cisco, Novell, and Microsoft)


Arit Solutions has develop a transformation process, which can fundamentally change the way you think about entire operation and completely redefine your relationships with your customers, employees, distributors, and vendors.

Transformation ensures you achieve the results you are seeking in a timely, cost-effective manner by employing superior technologies and tested change management tools and approaches.

We offer our clients a full variety of solutions ranging from comprehensive strategic Planning to complete interactive customer service, all with Internet capability.

With web technology, the process of data gathering, data entry, data consolidation and data reporting can be distributed efficiently and yet with centralized access to management.

Most importantly, our integrated E-Business Transformation Process will bring to your business a high Return on Investment (ROI) through results such as reduced costs. Seamless operation, enhanced revenues and expanded markets.